Frankfurt students write for MElang-E

Many games are memorable - not because of their cool graphics or gripping action, but because of their dialogues. Monkey island without "Hi, my name's Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a pirate!"? Simply unimaginable! Naturally, this also applies to language learning games, where a dialogue has to provide an opportunity for learning in addition to being fun and moving the plot forward.

Today, in Daniela Elsner's seminar on "Graphic Novels and Research" at Goethe University Frankfurt, students sat down to write dialogues for the Frankfurt chapter of MElang-E. Some groups had to start from scratch, while others could base their work on the texts already written by pupils at the local Wöhlerschule. MElang-E gained some highly memorable dialogues, and the students gained experience developing educational games.