Multiplier event in Luxembourg: Shaping new border spaces through languages?

The 15th-16th of April 2016 took place at the University of Luxembourg the workshop entitled “Shaping new border spaces through languages? Entgrenzen durch Sprachen? Dé-limiter l’espace par les langues? Innovative approaches to language teaching and learning in highly diverse contexts”.
This workshop was organized by Ass. Prof. Ehrhart, Dr. Bes Izuel, members of our Luxembourgish Melang-E group, and it was designed as a multiplier event for the MElang-E research project and it also formed part of a seminar within the Master Program in Learning and Communication in Multilingual Contexts at the University of Luxembourg.
During this workshop we had the opportunity to discuss and explore about different research projects and innovative experiences related to language learning in multicultural and multilingual contexts, language ecology in educational settings and the use of pedagogical tools such as worksheets, the iPad-app iTEO for digital-storytelling or the impact of game and gamification in order to promote language learning.
More than thirty people, researchers, practitioners and master students came together at this venue. Some members from our Melang-E group could also take part in this event and share with the public their experience. Twenty students from the Lycée Michel Lucius came with Sarah Schiltz, their teacher, and they explained to us in which spirit they had created the dialogues for our MElang-E game.